Quilting Arts TV and Tin Tile Workshop Summer Dates

A whole lot of love going on in-between my “Cool Classic Rides.” Hope you have a chance to catch my article in Quilting Arts Magazine April/May issue “Creating Fabric Designs from Tin Tiles” also available via download/dvd. Be sure to check you’re local PBS listings. In my area, series 1900, episode 12 titled “Color It Beautiful” airs this Sunday April 9th, 2017. Additional info, quiltingartstv.com  

In addition to all the fun: I have some workshop dates up on my website, this is a partial as I hope to add more dates down the road. I have many fabulous vintage tins that I have collected over many years and they are so much fun to play with in the Summer months. Feel free to explore my workshop page via my website and please be sure to check out the variety of fabrics in the Gallery-Painted Tins tab. Lot’s of crazy fun coming down the pike..Stay tuned!   website www.teresashippy.com……#tryin2keepupwithself

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