Cool Classic Rides-Art Quilting Studio Winter 2018

Many thanks to Ricë Freeman-Zachery, Danielle Williams and to the entire Stampington team! Thrilled to be featured with a sweet 10 page layout ‘Series Showcase’ Very surreal to introduce a portion of my upcoming CCR3 series for your eyes to see. Hope you have a chance to pick up a copy. Art Quilting Studio Winter 2018 will hit the newsstands December 1st. You can also order online,

“Cool Classic Rides 3” kicks off in February 22-25, 2018 in Hampton, Virginia. Very excited that I will be in town for the debut..Follow Mancuso Show Management-Upcoming Shows & Events..See you in Virginia!  #rollinwiththerides

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Thrilled to be returning back to the Tustin Art Walk

I’ll have a little bit of everything on hand at the Tustin Art Walk. So excited to be returning back to the fun! If you are in the area, feel free to stop by this Saturday, October 21st, 12-5pm. I’m on the corner of Main/El Camino Real…Art boxes, Journals, Pouches, and some funky Cool Classic Rides…See you soon,

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Let’s Celebrate Quilting Arts TV 10th Anniversary!

Happy 10th Anniversary QATV!  I had the absolute pleasure taping 3 episodes for QATV Series 1900 and 2000.  Many thanks going out to the amazing host Susan  Brubaker Knapp, Vivika DeNegre and to the entire QA team.  My Whimsical Journals are in episode 2008 – Handmade Gifts.  Be sure to check your local PBS station for time/dates, etc.  Here is the link with much more additional info, including purchasing the DVD,  The DVD has all episodes 1-13; a great way to view and check out all of the wonderful artists involved.  Pure eye candy!

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Quilting Arts TV and Tin Tile Workshop Summer Dates

A whole lot of love going on in-between my “Cool Classic Rides.” Hope you have a chance to catch my article in Quilting Arts Magazine April/May issue “Creating Fabric Designs from Tin Tiles” also available via download/dvd. Be sure to check you’re local PBS listings. In my area, series 1900, episode 12 titled “Color It Beautiful” airs this Sunday April 9th, 2017. Additional info,  

In addition to all the fun: I have some workshop dates up on my website, this is a partial as I hope to add more dates down the road. I have many fabulous vintage tins that I have collected over many years and they are so much fun to play with in the Summer months. Feel free to explore my workshop page via my website and please be sure to check out the variety of fabrics in the Gallery-Painted Tins tab. Lot’s of crazy fun coming down the pike..Stay tuned!   website……#tryin2keepupwithself

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Another passion outside of “Classic Rides” is my love for Portraits.  This one is titled “Magdalena” aka the legendary Frida Kahlo.  Heavily stitched using amazing Valdani Threads.  Hand-painted linen background, using approximately 16 individual tin tiles from my collection. I first saw her exhibit many years ago while in Washington, D.C.  Still working on a fairly large collection of portrait pieces that represent a homage to the great Frida Kahlo…..Currently “Magdalena” is on display amongst wonderful fiber art presented by Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists. Location: Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Gallery, Vista, Ca.  Additional info here….Beyond the Edge.

Note: Butterflies/Parrot are made with Valdani wool-heavily stitched using variegated cotton, rayon threads from Valdani.   #gottalovewhatudo

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Quilting Arts TV Bowls and Buses Airs Sunday, February 19th Via PBS

Striking a pose with the amazing Quilting Arts TV host Susan Brubaker Knapp.  A couple of my “Cool Classic VW Buses” in our hands.  Be sure to check out you’re local PBS listings.  Season 19-Episode #5- “Bowls and Buses”.  In my area, it will air at 4-4:30 am- I’m already set-up to record.  Here is the link if you choose to purchase the QA DVD,


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My “Whimsical Journals” Article for Quilting Arts Magazine-February/March Issue

Yay so happy to be featured! “Whimsical Journals”  Available via the newsstands and Digital Edition.  In-between my “Classic Rides” I love to stitch up one-of-a-kind journals.  Scoop: Quilting Arts Magazine February/March issue!   Other products used to create these sweet things:  Valdani Threads and DIY journal books/paint pens from Oriental Trading Co.    #havingfunalongtheway


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Quilting Arts TV DVD Series 1900-Bus fun!

So glad to have been involved with so many incredible artists in this series! A fabulous experience for sure.  I enjoyed every second of it!  Keep a close eye on your local PBS stations.  Series 1900-Episode #1905-Bowls and buses.  Much more Quilting Arts ahead.  DVD and additional info here,

#verycool    #more2come


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Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

Perhaps one of the cooler ways to bring your tree home!  In the back of a vintage 51 Woody.  One of my earlier Woody’s  from “Cool Classic Rides” Wishing you a fantastic New Year!  Can you believe it’s almost 2017?  #back2workonccr3


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Cool Classics and Workshops

Love the Fall!  Lot’s coming down the pike for me in this soon to be packed November/December.  My “Rides” 2016 collection closes in Orlando, Florida via Mancuso Shows Management.  World Quilt Florida Orlando, Florida January 19-21, 2017.  The 2018 CCR3 collection is already in the works; this collection will debut at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in February, 2018.  Workshops:  I’ve been working/testing on adding more cool funky designs in addition to the tins, wrought iron works and stepping stones.  Here is a tad bit of a teaser that I’ve just recently been working on, it’s going to be so much fun!  I’ll be adding the new 2017 workshop dates very soon, so be sure to check my website periodically,  Much more ahead so stay tuned!  Note: pictured is linen/paper.  Keeping it fun and exciting!   Happy Halloween.


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