Art Gallery

I thought it would be cool to show the art before and after. Here are just a few pics that may be of interest. Some got into shows, others didn’t. Even though this will be a static page, I’ll update it from time to time with fresh works. To the left,

Walli, Amy, Trish and I stitched together a base collage of the blues. Below is how I chose to paint it up. Steamed pressed it for days to keep it flat. 

“Nothin But The Blue’s”

 I painted “kiki” sometime ago, didn’t know what the heck I was going to do with it!  Note: Always take pics of your work before and after the transition. Below is the before…(Sorry, sometimes I crop the pics!

other times not so…

The after..                                                             







This one below started as a painting, but in time I thought it would be best to cut it. I kept the upper portion and added the lower.. Let me know your thoughts? “Fallen Leaves” (before & after)

I love to add pieces together to form a unique whole piece.



Below is the result,


 I love to work with silks. A few years back, after my workshop ended for the day, I decided to play with more silk. Check out “Stormy Monday” Many times I’ll keep a piece of painted fabric until that certain something hits. Keep it unique!






  After below,                                          

“Moonstruck” Started out as a painting very much like this below,

The original was very large. It had so much empty space so I decided to trim it way down in size. Below is the result,

Here is a detail pic..

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