“Cool Backside Art” CCR2 In 2016

Thought it would be kinda cool to show the back of one of my rides.  Be sure to mark your calendar.  “Cool Classic Rides 2” will debut via www.quiltfest.com in 2016.  As usual big shout out’s going out to fabulous www.valdani.com;  Appreciate their fantastic sponsorship;  It is their amazing threads that adds the pop factor into my “Rides”  Another huge thanks to  http://deborahstanleyinspirations.blogspot.com  Deborah is a wonderful curator who keeps me in check!  Looking forward to meeting you at one of the shows!  Stay tuned……On to the next ride!

Backside Art Cool Ride 2016

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1 Response to “Cool Backside Art” CCR2 In 2016

  1. Teresa, your “backsides” are just as wonderful as the front of your “Cool Classic Rides.”

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