Another passion outside of “Classic Rides” is my love for Portraits.  This one is titled “Magdalena” aka the legendary Frida Kahlo.  Heavily stitched using amazing Valdani Threads.  Hand-painted linen background, using approximately 16 individual tin tiles from my collection. I first saw her exhibit many years ago while in Washington, D.C.  Still working on a fairly large collection of portrait pieces that represent a homage to the great Frida Kahlo…..Currently “Magdalena” is on display amongst wonderful fiber art presented by Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists. Location: Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Gallery, Vista, Ca.  Additional info here….Beyond the Edge.

Note: Butterflies/Parrot are made with Valdani wool-heavily stitched using variegated cotton, rayon threads from Valdani.   #gottalovewhatudo

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