“Cool Classic Rides”

So many memories!  Love the classic car shows. Mom used to drive a pale green corvair way back in the day. Three of my fiber art cars are currently on display @ the Avantgarden Gallery  in downtown Santa Ana, Ca. The entire 27 piece collection will debut this September in Anaheim, Ca. Additional dates for 2014 coming soon.I’m forever grateful for Valdani  Inc. for their wonderful support and sponsorship. Each car is approx. 15-25 pieces of different fabrics stitched onto a hand painted canvas cloth. All 27 cars are stitched with Valdani  Hand  Dyed Variegated Threads. The original concept started in 2011; I thought it would be cool to design funky cars out of pieces of leftover fabrics, some from cut/up quilts, left over painted pieces from my workshop classes, anything that looked on the vintage side was fair game for me to use.  Another source of an inspiration for me is remembering the cars that we had in our large family; 6 brothers, 2 sisters makes for many crazy fun cars to create!  Enjoy the ride…….

Havin Fun!                                                                                                                                                                                   


Rides @ the Avantgarden


Below is a before and after pattern. Each piece of the pattern becomes a template; I usually use tracing paper to make each template. People have asked me why not just use a single drawing of a car and let that be a pattern. In order to give it texture and a  cool dimensional look, you really need the many pieces of fabrics along with the thread-work to define.cool classic rides @ the avantgarden

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3 Responses to “Cool Classic Rides”

  1. Teresa, Your work is awesome–absolutely over-the-top striking.

  2. linnerlu says:

    Wow, wish I could see this exhibit in person!

  3. Mia says:

    Amazing series, Teresa! Love, love, love!

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