Love to do faces! Happy to be part of a wonderful art group. The Serendipities current rotation trade theme is “face Value” My 12 x 12 , “Harmony” is free-motion thread stitched using Valdani Hand Dyed Variegated Threads. The background was stitched with a beautiful hue, Subtle Elegance,  50 wt. I used Black Night, also 50 wt. to outline the faces, and also fill in the facial features. Pearl Cotton #8 and # 12 was used from the reverse, bobbin work for the hair. The pearl cotton threads really added a nice textured look. Different weights of these threads create a variety of textures; because I tend to embellish heavily with threads its so important to me to have the quality. Valdani provides just that, a fantastic product!Harmony 2013

About teresashippy

Fiber Artist
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2 Responses to “Harmony”

  1. Mia says:

    Love this artwork, Teresa! Great representation of the theme.

  2. Not only is your quilt captivating, but your thread work is also phenomenal.

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