“Magic Bus”

My latest car design. This Lil’ cutie will be auctioned off to benefit a wonderful organization SAQA,  info here  http://saqa.com (News/Events) I really am enjoying the car series. My goal was to make 10, I can see myself making many more.  This one has approx. 20 little pattern pieces that I made after sketching the car from a funky old photo. As most of you know, I like lot’s of color, and as usual its heavily stitched….

Lower right is a full view 12 x 12. On the left is a snippet detail pic. My sweet hubby Gary  gave me a list of cool cars  that he wants me to do as well. On the list is Ford Thunderbird, Pontiac GTO, El Camino, Corvette, and I’m sure he’ll add a few others!

Note: If you would like to see these cool rides up close and personal, check out Avantgarden Gallery, located in the historic Santora arts building downtown Santa Ana coming June 2012. In addition, I’ll also have some on display at Soft Expressions Upstairs Gallery this July/August 2012! 

What are some of your favorite classics?

Yikes! I better get rollin…. 

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3 Responses to “Magic Bus”

  1. deborah stanley says:

    I love your classic cars!!! Fabulous idea and execution.
    I too have some favorites, thanks for asking. 1947 Ford dark blue – great car from our dating years, and 1956 Chevy two tone white and blue also from our dating years, then my 1998 Ford Mustang Sally!

  2. sonja says:

    Love your magic Bus. what about the vw bug of that era? i had two or 3 of those , that i can almost remember! your work is wonderbar!

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