“Love bug with fringe benefits”

This 12 x 12 Lil bug is on its way to MBK! I’m part of a wonderful group of artists.

Check us out here,  Serendipity Art Quilts

We originally started designing postcards as our trade, we now have moved on to 12 x 12 blocks…Love the new size!

Love bug with fringe benefits” One of my hand painted pieces cut into a 12 x 12.

The car is raw edgework using vintage tapestry and upholstery fabrics. Heavily stitched using Valdani  hand dyed variegated cotton threads.

About teresashippy

Fiber Artist
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1 Response to “Love bug with fringe benefits”

  1. Mary Beth Kile says:

    Thanks Teresa! An absolute cute love bug! I have very fond memories of driving my fathers bug in high school around town and off road in Angeles Crest. Good thing he did not know about the off road! I treasure this art piece. Thank you again very much!

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