“Bed of Roses”

This is my 4th car design. Love the classics, the thought of turning them into cool artworks, out of vintage fabric remnants and thread-work intrigues me.  Gary and I traveled to Arizona recently, we stopped in one of our favorite burger joints, Greasewood Flats in Scottsdale has the most yummy burgers in town. Its a place that seems like its in the middle of nowhere. Filled with yard art and numerous quirky metal art everywhere you turned your head. I spotted this rustic shell of a vintage ford truck and had to design a fabric piece from the pics that I took. Fabric remnants, heavily stitched using Valdani cotton variegated threads. Detail and full pics below, Let me know your thoughts.

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Fiber Artist
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1 Response to “Bed of Roses”

  1. Mia says:

    I like the detail work on the truck especially the windows.

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