Butterfly Stepping Stones

A painted butterfly, maybe two or more. I’ve had these very shabby vintage butterfly stepping stones for sometime now, look at the detail!

Can you imagine adding a piece of cloth over these beautiful stones?

Here you go, Orange, red, yellow acrylic paints mixed together simply brushed over a  wet piece of cotton, pulled tight over a beautiful intricate stepping stone.

Your final color should be a contrasting color dry brushed over your dry stone… Let me know your thoughts?

Another sample below.. Shiva oil stick rub here below ( after the cloth has dryed) Oil sticks take awhile to dry, this one I left out in my side yard 3 day’s to cure.  Heat set as well. Cold wash, short cycle,  orvus soap paste.

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Fiber Artist
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3 Responses to Butterfly Stepping Stones

  1. deborah stanley says:

    WOW! fabulous! I love the idea and the results.

  2. Gloria says:

    Just love the ideas and the results! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your novel use of nontraditional items to create stunning images opens almost limitless possibilities. The prints from the butterfly stepping stones are tremendous

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