Tile Paintings

I love looking for tin tiles, metals, anything that creates a beautiful painting on cloth . This one came from a road trip to AZ. many years ago, I found this along side a trash bin, and just had to have it! 

This one to the right is what it looks like now on silk. A simple process of  cloth over tin, with few colors in between.. Fun to play with on a warm day.  Although this one is reversed if you look closely you can see the separation lines of hues, along with some detail. Think of the possibilities!

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Fiber Artist
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5 Responses to Tile Paintings

  1. Mia Bloom says:

    Beautiful fabric, Teresa!

  2. Very interesting way to make marks on cloth, Teresa! Thanks for posting!

  3. That turned out really neat. I was surprised at how much detail it picked up. They are fabric rubbings.

  4. deborah stanley says:

    Thanks for sharing. Your paint work with silk and metal is unique, subtle and inspiring!

  5. Very interesting and wonderful tin tiles. I can’t believe the one you found beside the trash bin, it is gorgeous. That is a great find!

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