On The Cover 1000 Quilt Inspirations by Sandra Sider

Thrilled  to share the cover of Sandra Siders new book 1000 Quilt Inspirations.  Lower right hand corner shows the VW bus.  “Magic Bus” was auctioned for SAQA.  A wonderful organization that promotes art quilts.   “Cool Classic Rides”  continues to roll on.  The first collection will close in January 2015 in Florida, more info later. Over the moon to have the 2016 collection of CCR2 debut and travel the full circuit via www.quiltfest.com.  Happy to have Valdani Threads   return as my sponsor for CCR2.    Riding a very cool vintage wave and loving every minute!  Back to work on the new rides.  Stay tuned!  Additional book info with link below,


1000 Quilt Inspirations 2015

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“Cool Classic Rides 2″ Coming 2016

What to do with amazing Valdani Threads, leftover snippets of fabric and those funky vintage men’s ties.  Design CCR2- Coming 2016!  www.quiltfest.com  Stay tuned!

CCR2 2016

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Blissfully Busy

A slight detour from my “Cars”- currently on exhibit at PIQF  Santa Clara, California.  It’s my 5th year at  Old Town Tustin Art Walk this Saturday October 18th, 10-4  downtown Tustin California. I love the art walk and it’s the only one I do.  Started my mock set-up and getting my layout down to a T. These Lil’ canvas hard- cover journals tend to do really well. They measure 4×6 and of course are heavily stitched using Valdani Threads. If you are in the area, stop by for a chat!  Additional info,  Tustin Art Walk. Lot’s of fun and did I mention wine tasting at the Black Marlin.  Back to stitchin up funky journals. Gotta love it!

Workin the hard cover canvas journals for Tustin Art Walk 2014

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“Cool Classic Rides” Next Stop, PIQF October 16-19 Santa Clara, California

“Cool Classic Rides” Rollin into PIQF!  Hope you have a chance to see these very cool heavily stitched fiber art funky rides.  As usual, shout-out’s  to www.quiltfest.com, fabulous Deborah Stanley for curating this special exhibit and fantastic Valdani Threads, their threads are woven in and out of every piece that I design.  I have had a blast!  Artsy note:  “Cool Classic Rides 2″ will debut @ Mid-Atlantic, 2016-  This collection has already begun!  Stay tuned!   A funky Model T below…….Enjoy the Rides!


1926 Model T

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“Cool Classic Rides” In Palm Springs….CCR2 Coming In 2016

Loved chattin with the peeps in Palm Springs, California.  Each time I attend a show I am blown away with how this vintage 27 piece “Cool Classic Rides” collection has been received.  I’ve been listening to CCR (music) on my pod at the gym and while stitching, maybe just a coincidence, or, a subtle hint to keep the “Classic Rides” Rollin.  Lot’s of wonderful car chatter while attending these fantastic Quiltfest venues. Over the moon to announce CCR2 will be on the travel circuit with www.quiltfest.com starting with Mid-Atlantic 2016. Completely thrilled! Much more news soon.

Me and the rides below about 30 minutes or so before opening, Palm Springs Convention Center.  Happy chick!


Me with my rides 2014











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“Cool Classic Rides” Rollin into Quiltfest Oasis Palm Springs

Next Stop Quiltfest Oasis Palm Springs October 2-4, 2014- Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs California.  “Cool Classic Rides”  A 27 piece fiber art collection rolls into California.  Hope you have a chance to view up close and personal!  Shout out’s to www.quiltfest.com  Fabulous Deborah Stanley and to the amazing Valdani Threads.  All “Cars” are heavily stitched with these colorful beautiful threads.  Stop by and chat awhile in front of the “Nash Rambler” ( One of my favs….. I’ll be there to meet/greet and chat it up Saturday, October 4th- 10-2.  Looking forward to seeing you!

Nash Rambler

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Streamin Into Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza – September 18-21, 2014

Next stop Pennsylvania.  My 27 piece fiber art collection “Cool Classic Rides” continues to roll on!  Shout out’s to Mancuso Show Management, Deborah Stanley and to fabulous Valdani Threads.  Hope you have a chance to see the collection up close and personal.  Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, September 18-21, 2014- Philadelphia Area, Oaks, Pennsylvania.  More “Car” news to come.

Airstream 1950

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