Cool bikes in the CCR2 mix for 2016!

It’s not always about the “Cars”!  Cool bikes in the collection too.  “Cool Classic Rides 2″ coming in 2016.  A 24 piece very cool collection which will debut at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival, February 25-28, 2016.  I’ll be there! Will you?  Many thanks going out to Mancuso ShowsValdani Threads and to Deborah Stanley! So much more to come…. Stay tuned…Back to work on those finishing touches!


Cool Bike2016

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“Cool Classic Rides 2” and those finishing touches

All 24 are completed, well at least to the first stage. The most difficult part was deciding which “Rides” to include in the mix. I continually think of more that would have been perfect. It’s all about those details or finishing touches, you need those cool classic logos like Ford, Mustang, etc. along with those quirky fine details including windshield wiper’s, steering wheels, shading etc. You get what I’m sayin! More finishing photos along with a video coming soon. Many shout outs need to go out, Valdani ThreadsDeborah Stanley and a special shout out to Mancuso Quiltfest Shows! Appreciate this wonderful opportunity. Feeling incredibly blessed and grateful. Keepin it real and always fun.  CCR2 in 2016.  Stay tuned….

Finishing touches CCR2in2016

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“Eye of the Artist” Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists – Exhibit at the Mission Viejo Library

Silly me in front of several of my “Rides”  We had a ball hanging our “Eye of the Artist” exhibit.  Amazing art by fabulous artists!  Hope you have a chance to check it out!  Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists.  The dates, August 1-31, 2015. Be sure to check out our exhibit schedule! Lot’s going on for the BTE’S.  Keepin it real and always havin fun! 

Silly me at MV with fab BTE'S 2015

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Another Cool Classic Ride

Takin  y’all back to school!  “Cool Classic Rides 2” coming in 2016. First show kicks off at Mid Atlantic  Quilt Festival February 25-28, 2016, in Hampton,  Virginia.  Memories of crazy fun field trips in one of these sweet “Rides” Hope you have a chance to catch at least one or more of the shows. Thrilled that I’ll be at many of the shows to meet you and chat about the “Rides”  Dates/time frames soon.  Working the remainder of this year on the finishing touches with each ride. Absolutely loving the process!  Huge shout-outs to Quiltfest, Valdani Threads and to Deborah Stanley.  Stay tuned!  Keepin it real…..


Back to school CCR22016

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Video Summertime Fun With Deborah!

A slight detour from my “Cool Classic Rides 2”.  Havin a little Summer birdy fun using products that I love! “Whimsical Birds” A quick tutorial creating whimsy birds from Valdani wool, Valdani variegated rayon threads and June Tailor’s fabulous fray Block. A huge thanks to Deborah Stanley, who always manages to work the camera brilliantly.  Thank you Valdani Threads and Lorie Valle from June TailorGreat products!  #handsonmybobbinwork  Hope you enjoy the video!  Stay tuned.

Note: Notice the beautiful sheen in the rayon threads!


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A Very Cool Convertible Chevy

The entire “Cool Classic Rides 2” collection will debut at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival February 25-28, 2016 at Hampton Roads Convention Center, Hampton, Virginia.

Possibly my favorite of the entire fleet! Still work to do and about a couple of days out.  Really enjoying the process!  Hope to meet and chat “Car Talk” with you at one of the shows. Thrilled that I will be at many of these venues! Time frames/Dates coming as we get closer in!  Huge shout outs to Mancuso Quiltfest,  Valdani Threads  and to my amazing curator Deborah Stanley. Keepin it real and always fun!  So much more to come! Stay tuned!

Another cool one!

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This Funky VW Bus Is Still Rollin On!

Yay! Just Shipped this cool ride to Sacred Threads Exhibition. On it’s way! Was thrilled to receive the news that my VW Bus was juried in. Had this crazy idea back in 2010; “Cool Classic Rides” What if cool vintage cars from back in the day, all created in left-over scraps, wool and vintage men’s ties along with plenty of Valdani Threads! I mean, wouldn’t this be a cool thing to see. Bold, colorful and most importantly hard bodies that people remembered in their lives and connected to. Sacred Threads Exhibition, July 10-26, Herndon Virginia. This VW Bus was part of my first collection that traveled via Mancuso Quiltfest circuit last year. Stay tuned for my 2nd collection also traveling via Quiltfest. CCR2 sponsored by Valdani Threads and I’m absolutely thrilled to have Deborah Stanley back as curator. Very cool things ahead! Stay tuned. Keepin it real and always fun!

VW Bus

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