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Lovin this cool ride at first blush! Just had to add to the mix a very funky 1920 classic Harley with sidecar. This will be another fun one to stitch!  Cool Classic Rides 2 coming in 2016.  Stay tuned!   Keepin it funky with Valdani Threads.

Get Stitched With Valdani Threads




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“Cool Daze Ahead” For SAQA Benefit Auction- Starts in September

Getting work done this weekend!  “Cool Daze Ahead”   This Lil’ 12 x 12 sweet thing will be up for  Auction!  Be sure to keep your eyes on SAQA Benefit Auction.  It starts in September.  Info here,  SAQA   Here is a pic!  So much more to come!

Cool Daze Ahead SAQA 2015 Benefit Auction


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Frame It!

This framed artwork photo was sent to me today.  I know its a preference thing, but, I really try to encourage peeps that purchase my pieces, especially if they are smaller works like the “Rides” to invest in framing.  Not to mention it also helps to protect/preserve the art.  Beautifully framed Mitchel!  See you at Quiltfest Oasis Palm Springs 2016!   “Cool Classic Rides 2″ coming 2016.

Rockview Framed 2015 by MG

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Lil’ Ragtop

Soon the stitching will begin on this Beetle Ragtop.  This 12 x 12 will be up for auction.  SAQA Benefit Auction 2015 starts September 18th.  A much larger ragtop is in the works that will debut via Mancuso Show Management QuiltfestCCR2 coming in 2016.  Stay tuned!  #lovecreatingccr2in2016


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“Cool Backside Art” CCR2 In 2016

Thought it would be kinda cool to show the back of one of my rides.  Be sure to mark your calendar.  “Cool Classic Rides 2″ will debut via in 2016.  As usual big shout out’s going out to fabulous;  Appreciate their fantastic sponsorship;  It is their amazing threads that adds the pop factor into my “Rides”  Another huge thanks to  Deborah is a wonderful curator who keeps me in check!  Looking forward to meeting you at one of the shows!  Stay tuned……On to the next ride!

Backside Art Cool Ride 2016

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Riding the “Cool Classic Ride” Wave

Here is a snippet of what I’m working on.  Havin way to much fun!  Stay tuned.  Back to stitchin another very cool ride.   #lookout4ccr22016

Roadmaster fun 2016

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“Through My Mother’s Eyes”

I love the look of threads mixed with a painted texture.  The theme is My Inner Self Portrait.  Below is a partial detail shot.  All the works of art in this special exhibit measure 30 x 50.   My piece was based on a photo of my Mother who was about 20 at the time.  She looks as though her heart is heavy with a glow of sadness in her eyes.  I love the photo even though she looks lost in her thoughts.   Thrilled to have “Through My Mother’s Eyes” debut alongside fantastic works by fabulous artists at  Road To California, January 22-25, 2015.  Check out amazing art at Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists.  Link below.

Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists

Through My Mother's Eyes 2014

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