The Art of the Box

Over this past weekend I wanted to create something a tad different. Every year I love to participate at my local art walk here in Tustin, Ca. Thrilled that I’ll be returning once again to my most favorite event, Tustin Art Walk 2016. A chance to meet the local peeps and shoot the breeze. The downtown Tustin area is very quaint and filled with the local eats.  So, in addition to my fabric art works, journals, fabrics, etc. I’ll be adding these cool art boxes. So much fun to create these. Using vintage fabric remnants, acrylic paints  along with Valdani threads. Sizes range from 8.5 x 5 – 6.5 x 4. These are great for gifts, storage for sewing supplies, potpourri, vintage cards, etc. or just a fabulous conversation piece for a table setting.  #lovesmallboxes

Art of the Box Downtown Tustin Art Walk 2016 #2

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