In between “Cool Classic Rides 2” Back to Portrait Pieces

Now that the “Rides” are in travel mode.  I’ll be posting more “Rides” as we get closer in to the next 2016 show.  I’m back to another one of my passions, which is portrait pieces.  Homage to Frida Kahlo.  Many year’s ago while Gary and I were in Washington, DC.  We were able to view her works at the National Portrait Gallery.  I have always been so captivated by her color palette and terrific sense of style and originality.  I’ve been working on my Frida homage collection off and on for many years now.  Based on a portrait I did in 2007 titled “Women of Substance”  Using Valdani 60 wt. cotton threads to enhance.  Much more to do!  #threadaction

Artsy Note:  The background area was painted on 10 vintage tin tiles.  Love the look and feel of cloth that has a vintage texture to it.  The entire cloth is linen.   We often will use silk, cotton and linen in my workshops here at my home in Santa Ana, CA.  Extremely receptive to dyes and paints.  #staytuned   #lovenaturalfabrics

homage to fk


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