Posing with the rides

Me with a few of the “Rides”.  Valdani Threads in the palms of my hands.  So incredibly jazzed to have my second collection soon to be in travel mode with Mancuso Quiltfest Festivals.  “Cool Classic Rides 2” debuts February 25-28, 2016 at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, Virginia.  15-25 snippets of leftover quilted fabrics, men’s ties and wool scraps are used to create these funky quirky rides.  Hope you have a chance to catch a show or two to see these rides up close and personal.  They may just bring back a memory or two!  See you at the shows!  Shout-outs to Quiltfest Festivals, Valdani Threads and to Deborah Stanley.  Note: See the VW Bus next to the chair? I often will collect vintage cars to add to my collection.  #lovetheclassics

Promo pic CCR2 #quiltfestvaldani


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2 Responses to Posing with the rides

  1. Pamela McIntyre says:

    The rides look awsome and you, cute as ever. I used to own two of them, my Bug was even red. They do bring back memories. Congratulations, and here’s to very successful shows. Can’t wait to see them up close and personal.

  2. You are one fantabulous artist! Love your Cool Classic Rides. Every one of them brings back a fond memory.

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