Blissfully Busy

A slight detour from my “Cars”- currently on exhibit at PIQF  Santa Clara, California.  It’s my 5th year at  Old Town Tustin Art Walk this Saturday October 18th, 10-4  downtown Tustin California. I love the art walk and it’s the only one I do.  Started my mock set-up and getting my layout down to a T. These Lil’ canvas hard- cover journals tend to do really well. They measure 4×6 and of course are heavily stitched using Valdani Threads. If you are in the area, stop by for a chat!  Additional info,  Tustin Art Walk. Lot’s of fun and did I mention wine tasting at the Black Marlin.  Back to stitchin up funky journals. Gotta love it!

Workin the hard cover canvas journals for Tustin Art Walk 2014

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