One of the toughest things I’ve ever done in my 54 years was to give my mother’s eulogy to a crowd of wonderful people who came to show their respect and love for her. Bill, my brother gave his heartfelt thoughts first. I followed shortly after him. I had called for my two beautiful sisters to join me.

“Carmen” was the final piece that she was able to enjoy and point out the improvements during the transition from start to finish. I remember thinking while I was giving her eulogy, that I never wanted to lose that very special feeling that I had for her, of course I never will. She will always be in my heart. My words that I chose for the service were written on a piece of paper. The words are also written on the back of “Carmen”

Much Love, “Carmen”2004   (Crystals from mom’s collection) 

Currently on display at Soft Expressions Upstairs Gallery, Exhibit continues through August 31st. 1230 N. Jefferson St. #M, Anaheim, Ca.92807  (714) 630-7414

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2 Responses to “Carmen”

  1. Thank you for sharing this endearing experience. Your Mom was so fortunate to watch your pieces develop and enjoy every step of the way with you. I bet she was a wonderful coach and fan! The special feelings of love and more do live on in you and those around you are recipients of your heart. Thank you too for sharing your heart in every piece you make.

  2. Jackie says:

    Beautiful job, you were so fortunate to have shared the time together working on something you both loved.

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