“Cool Rides”

Yep, I’m still doing the cool rides. Currently working on a commissioned 1949 Caddy Coupe Deville, in between other cool works. Thought I would share the pattern process that I use.

Drawing and finished photo below,

I usually stand back to get a good look of where I want to start to section off.  You can see that the sections have been numbered; these will now be my pattern pieces. All of the rides that I have designed have approximately 20 or more pattern pieces. I really love to use vintage fabric remnants. Sometimes I’ll also use pieces that I have painted on cotton canvas fabric. As usual, heavily stitched using Valdani cotton threads.

If you’re in the So-Cal area, you can see my work at the Avantgarden Gallery (On-going) located in the beautiful historic Santora in Santa Ana, Soft Expressions Upstairs Gallery July/August 2012, located in Anaheim, 5th Annual Tustin Fine Art Walk October 2012, located in downtown Tustin. Hope to see you soon!

Havin Fun!

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3 Responses to “Cool Rides”

  1. Cindy says:

    Your cars have so much personality!

  2. deborah stanley says:

    Cool, way cool!

  3. Tina W. says:

    your work is just amazing! I’m in awe.

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