I’m On The Cover Of The Tustin News!

Thrilled to see my mug on the cover of my local Tustin News. I always have a great time talking with the folks about my style of fabric art. Deborah Stanley was set up just to the right of me. We both had so much fun. A total of 82 artists with awesome artwork were on site this year at the Tustin fine Art Walk. The beautiful sunny weather was just what we had hoped for. Looking forward to next year! Enjoy the pics.

Still stunned that I’m on the cover!


                                                Smaller pic here




I always do a mockup the day before a show just to get the layout design down.    

Love to use vintage trunks mixed with vintage fabrics for the tables along with easels, tulle, etc..  There is so much color in my art, I really don’t need much just some simple basic props.       

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2 Responses to I’m On The Cover Of The Tustin News!

  1. Sandra says:

    Congrats, cover girl! Great action shot of you speaking passionately about your art. Awesome.

  2. deborah says:

    Congratuations Teresa Cover Girl in action! It really was a fun day! The event was wonderfully attended and we had lots and lots of great people to share our art with. Teresa, your work is full of color and speaks for itself. Well done! Looking forward to doing it again in 2012! best deborah

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