Jazz Singer

Gotta love music. “Jazz Singer.” A fresh piece in the works. Thought I would post the early stage of this piece. Always start with a freshly or slightly older painted background fabric.(I painted this sometime ago.) Cut out paper templates of each section of the design.  The skin tones are wonderful vintage fabrics.

Look at the vintage flowers within her bow area. I still have a paper template to the right pinned into place. Each piece of fabric is pinned into place. She will be stitched down with invisible thread, so that she stays in a placement form. I’ll use these Valdani threads below for skin tone. I love variegated threads that add a cool contrast along with texture. I really love working with vintage fabrics. I’m looking forward to getting her on my frame, let the stitching fun begin!  

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6 Responses to Jazz Singer

  1. I am very jealous. Those lushious fabrics are not available around here. This is absolutely wonderful!

  2. Cindy says:

    It’s looking good! The luscious fabrics really make it.

  3. Connie Wining says:

    You have captured the essence without any of the stitching! She is amazing.

  4. This piece is looking good! Can’t wait to see the finished product! Please let us know when you finish.

  5. deborah stanley says:

    What a smashing design! I love how this piece is coming together – and the vintage fabrics yeah. Thanks for posting a progress pic.

  6. Mary Beth Kile says:

    Oh so vintage and so soft. This piece suggests nostalgic and romantic “good time” feelings.
    Mary Beth Kile

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