SAQA Layers of Memory

After coming back from a baseball game Friday night I was elated to find an acceptance email from SAQA Layers of Memory. “knowing Roy” will be in travel mode for quite some time. Penny and I are thrilled to have this piece travel. This piece is for my sister Pen, who is amazing with her Roy, she works around the clock tending to his needs as well as making sure he is comfortable. He is in his final stage of Dementia with Lewy Bodies.  I had taken several pics of him sitting in his chair on the patio where they live. I was able to catch that slight sparkle in his eyes that once was so bright. A tough piece for me to do, but when I got myself in the moment, it all flowed together. Let me know your thoughts?

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2 Responses to SAQA Layers of Memory

  1. Linda Laird says:

    Dear Theresa,
    What a fine piece of work! I look forward to seeing this exhibit as it tours.
    Will you be attending the Long Beach show? I have a quilt in West Coast Wonders.

    Hope to see you there,
    Linda Laird
    SAQA San Diego

  2. deborah stanley says:

    Thank you for creating this tribute to Roy and Penny. It is a wonderful piece and so meaningful.
    Excellently presented.

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