Faces In The Crowd

Yea! I made the deadline. Just sent this chunky booklet off to  Brooklyn, NY. I so enjoyed working on this project. I just received an email that they are going to extend the deadline a couple of days due to weather conditions . I’m glad mine is out the door. Now on to my next deadline! Included are some pics!

I didn’t add names to the actual pages, I have to say though that in my mind as I made these pages I thought of names for each Lil’ peeps without pause. Hewie is on the left.

This guy’s name is Duke.  Gotta luv the hat!

Here’s Alice! On some of the pages I added flowers and trees. Some girls have bows. 

This Lil’ one is Elmer. I put a jumper on him.

Alas! Meet Luis. I added pants. He is playin with his yo-yo! I’ve had way too much fun!!

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